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Get your 2010 1098-T tax form faster, easier, and greener

November 18, 2010

Colorado State University is asking for your consent to receive your 1098-T tax form electronically.

If you would like to receive your 1098-T form electronically please give your consent by following the link, logging in, and following the instructions. 

Benefits to receiving the Form 1098-T electronically versus through the regular postal mail:

  • Online delivery provides access to the form 1098-T earlier than the traditional mailing process.
  • Online delivery eliminates the chance that the 1098-T will get lost, misdirected or delayed during delivery, or misplaced once the student receives it.
  • Signing up for online delivery is easy and secure, and students can change their minds and withdraw from online delivery at any time.
  • Students can receive their 1098-T Form even while traveling or on assignment away from their home address.
  • Students will help Colorado State University save money and resources.

Colorado State University’s 1098-T servicer is ECSI. ECSI's website is a secure website and ECSI will not share your private information with anyone. This notice is sent only to gather your consent for receiving an electronic 1098-T Form.

To give consent to receive your 1098-T form electronically, log in to the website below using the given information:

Step 1: Go to RAMweb and select “Billing Information”. Scroll down to 1098-T Tax Information and select “Sign up to receive electronic 1098-T forms”. Choose one of three options.

  • Student ID: Your CSUID
  • Name – First:        Last:
  • Email: email address where you would like to receive your notification when 1098-T form is available
  • Alternate email: optional parent email if they would like to receive notification when 1098-T form is available
  • Consent: You must check this box in order to consent to electronic delivery
  • Click on the [Save] button at the bottom of the screen

If you have questions about your 1098-T form for current or prior years, please call ECSI’s Hotline number at (866) 428-1098. They can also help with password issues.

Colorado State University issues 1098-T tax forms annually, by the end of each January. These tax forms report the amount of qualified charges on your student account which may be used by your tax preparer when calculating the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit or the American Opportunity Tax Credit. Please see IRS Publication 970 for more information. Colorado State University staff members are not allowed to provide tax advice.

Contact: Trish Torrez
Phone: (970) 491-2697