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Well-traveled, culturally aware grad

May 10, 2010
By Rommel McClaney

Travis Hall, a spring 2010 graduate, reflects on his time at CSU and looks forward to working in the Peace Corps and aspires to a career as a Foreign Service Officer in the U.S. State Department.

Photo credit: Landshaw Photography

Good ol’ Colorado grounding

Senior political science major Travis Hall never made it out to a lot of sports games. He never wore much green and gold 'swag' either.

But the most “CSU thing” about him, Hall says, is that he will carry his world-class CSU education, coupled with a good ol’ Colorado grounding for the rest of his life.

"I do carry with me the pride of knowing that my University is truly spectacular while at the same time staying connected to the humble roots and hard working attitude of our Aggie founders."

Travis is from Windsor, Colo., and graduated from Windsor High School in 2006. He chose CSU because he wanted a large school where he would have the ability to explore different fields and experience rich student involvement.

Gaining world experience

Travis has been to China as part of study abroad and helped lead the 2008 China Field Experience.

When asked to respond to the title of "well-traveled, culturally aware student", Travis said...

"As a Chinese language student who has been pretty heavily involved in international events on campus, as well as spending a semester in Shanghai, I would like to think that I am relatively culturally aware.
As for 'well-traveled', I’ve been to China twice and Korea once, but never Canada, Mexico or Europe, so I am sure finding a more 'well-traveled' individual on the street wouldn’t be hard to do."

That being said, "culturally aware and well-traveled” are two adjectives that Travis would like to cultivate throughout his life.

"Maybe someday they will fit me better than they do now."

He hopes someday to channel his experience into a career as a diplomat where he can foster international cooperation and cross-cultural understanding. Travis has been nominated to serve in the Peace Corps in Eastern Europe sometime in the fall, which should help with his goal.

Lasting memories

Remembering back to freshman year, one thing that stood out for Travis was founding the event “Seven Days for Seven Dollars." Starting with only 2 people in 2006, the week-long hunger awareness event drew 100+ people in 2008 and has been featured at three other US campuses and in Australia.

" established in my own mind that a small group of dedicated people can have a big impact on a large campus such as ours."

In addition to applying for the Peace Corps, Travis also passed the Foreign Service Officer Test and is currently in the year-long selection process for the U.S. State Department Foreign Service.

"After graduation I also hope to travel around the US to visit friends I have met throughout my four years at CSU before I jet off for the Peace Corps or begin whatever other adventure lies before me."

I have been truly blessed to have phenomenal friends here at CSU. I know that the thing I will miss most when I leave CSU is the community we have created, the people I see every day and count as my closest friends and those smiling faces you see on the bus or in class and just never had a chance to talk to. I have never felt so welcomed or accepted as I do at CSU and I will be hard pressed to find a group of such exceptional people as we have here. My friends, teachers and fellow student and staff members made my experience here at CSU great, and it is them I will miss most.

-Travis Hall, Class of 2010, Political Science, Summa Cum Laude