Today @ Colorado State has been replaced by SOURCE. This site exists as an archive of Today @ Colorado State stories between January 1, 2009 and September 8, 2014.

Interacting with Today

Advertising Policy

January 2009

Paid banner advertising opportunities are available on Today @ Colorado State for enitities on and off campus. Following are the official guidelines.

1.0              Advertising Content

1.1              All commercial advertisements shall be of University or University-related programs or shall be of potential benefit to the University, its alumni and/or friends as determined by the University.

1.2              All commercial advertisements shall be formatted as sponsorships with no specific offers, pricing, or comparative statements of any kind.

1.3              No advertising of tobacco products will be accepted.

1.4              No advertising will be accepted that is deemed at the sole judgment and discretion of the University to be of or containing sexual content.

1.5              No advertising of religious nature or containing political content will be accepted.

1.6       No advertising of alcohol products will be accepted.

1.7              There shall be no more than two commercial advertisements per page.

2.0              University Consideration

2.1              Placement preference shall be given for advertisements, notices and announcements promoting events, programs, etc. for Colorado State University entities.

2.2              Pricing preference will be given for placements promoting events, programs, etc. for Colorado State University entities.

2.3      Commercial ads that may cause conflict of interest with University programs will be discussed with program directors. Unresolved conflicts may result in ads being refused or pulled. If a commercial placement is pulled by the University for any reason, the sponsor shall be relieved of liability for payment of a pro rata portion of the contract price, calculated by dividing the total number of inserts included in the contract price by the number of inserts that are canceled as a result of the University’s action. Nothing in this section shall permit a sponsor to receive any refund, credit or forgiveness of payment if the sponsor decides to withdraw an insert prior to the deadline for an issue publication.