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Students: Choose to Live On campus

February 3, 2014

For students returning for another year at CSU, deciding where to live can be quite the decision. And with so many options off-campus, why choose to live on campus?

Why live on campus?

Benefits to living on campus:

  • You pay $0 at signing: your deposit from this past year rolls over to next fall!
  • Returning students get first pick of great rooms, including:
    • Aspen Hall;
    • Parmelee fourth floor lofts;
    • Laurel Village, which includes spaces specifically for second-year students;
    • designated wings for upperclass students in Summit and Corbett;
    • doubles-as-singles; and
    • block housing, which gives groups of three or more students the opportunity to select adjacent or adjoing rooms together.
  • And perhaps best of all? Returning students have the option of selecting from four regular meal plans, which as you'll see in the video, is a highlight for many of our returning students.

Interest piqued?

If you're interested in living on campus this fall, check out the great room selections, prices, and other details online.