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Ask Cam

Seeing purple

January 26, 2012

Hey Cam:

What do the purple ribbons displayed on campus symbolize?

Cam's answer:

Well, my first guess was that Facilities either felt the trees needed some modern deco ...or it was April 1. But as it is, I was wrong...

According to Fred Haberecht over in Facilities, Colleges Against Cancer, a student-organized group, put the purple ribbons up to spread awareness about cancer and the American Cancer Society. So, naturally, I gave my new friend Michelle Pearson, who's involved with the student group, a call to find out more.

During our little chat, Michelle told me the ribbons were displayed to help promote their upcoming Jan. 28 Relay for Life kick-off event at Fuzzy's Taco Shop from 4 p.m.-8 p.m. Although the annual Relay for Life isn't scheduled until April 28, Fort Collins and campus community members can still register a team or join a team to help fight cancer by participating in the April 28 event at the Rec Center.

And the purple? It turns out that purple is the nationally recognized cancer-awareness color.

Hope this helps!

Cam the Ram