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New ASCSU President, VP ready to get to work

April 10, 2010
By Rommel McClaney

Last Wednesday, CSU students voted in what was the closest election races in years. Cooper Anderson and Jennifer Babos won the ASCSU 2010 election, as president and vice president respectively, and look forward to what they plan to accomplish.

Officials at work

Newly elected ASCSU President Cooper Anderson and Vice president Jennifer Babos are already hard at work.

While still enjoying a hard fought victory in the 2010 ASCSU election, Anderson and Babos had to take on the task of organizing the ASCSU's 1.7 million dollar budget.

The new President and VP have quite a bit to do but if you followed their campaign trail closely, you would remember Anderson and Babos say "we got this."

Both couldn't express how excited they are to get to work for the students of CSU. Also, they look forward to collaborating with the other tickets as well as their ideals are not so different.

We could see Anderson and Babos working with Jack and Darrie, both who are in support of larger student voice on campus. Perhaps they will work with ousted candidates Dave and April to enhance RamRide and make it more accessible. The possibilities are endless.

Babos' passion

"Ending sexual assault is a passion of mine," says Babos. The Vice President is a liberal arts major, ethnic study minor, and has received a certificate in women's studies.

Babos says we don't have as many resources as we should for educating students on sexual violence. "They could use an improvement," says Babos. She would like to see students and ASCSU do something about it.

Anderson shares Babos' passion and the duo look to work with different organizations to help spread sexual assault learning on campus.

What lies ahead?

Anderson and Babos are ready to:

  • reinstate the tradition of lighting the "A"
  • increase the number of RamRide cars
  • address sexual assault on campus
  • revise the plus/minus grading system
  • end 7 a.m. finals
  • take on the higher education crisis
  • improve student organizations

While the two may not be able to make these things happen overnight, these are the issues that matter.

Anderson and Babos are prepared to take on these challenges and make CSU a better community for all.