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Environment / Sustainability

Green is Gold December challenge underway

December 8, 2010

Join the Green is Gold December challenge by adopting a few, easy habits. Unplug products that are rarely used and be mindful of equipment that uses standby power.

The Green is Gold December challenge for faculty and staff is underway! The Green is Gold campaign is a campus-wide initiative to save energy and reduce energy costs.

Teammates from a location on campus (e.g., a department) work together to implement energy saving measures in their building. 

November challenge winners

Teams are tackling monthly challenges that relate to certain aspects of living green. Congratulations to Brian Dunbar and the Institute for the Built Environment for winning November’s energy usage challenge! Brian and his team won two remote controlled power strips for their workspace. 

Live green during the holidays

Other teams have an opportunity to win similar prizes this month by winning December’s challenge of living green during the holidays. The long break approaching gives all departments an opportunity to conserve energy on campus. Do this by:

  • Asking your building manager to turn the thermostat down during winter break
  • Turn off and unplug all appliances and electronic equipment
  • Do a sweep of offices and hallways before everyone leaves to make sure your department is as energy efficient as possible

Take a look at the full December scorecard to find out what things can earn your team points.

You can also be sustainable at home this holiday season by:

  • Putting LED holiday lights in and on your home, they last longer and use up to 33% less power than regular holiday lights
  • Re-using gift wrapping paper or making fun homemade wrapping paper with newspapers, recycled paper, paint and other craft supplies
  • Using gift bags when possible that can be used again and again
  • Buying your gifts locally and support Fort Collins’ small businesses

Do your part and get involved

Want to take part? Register a new team by following the "Register your team" link on the home page.

Already have a team?

Teams who have participated in Green is Gold in past years are encouraged to take part again this year and continue to earn points toward Green is Gold certification. There are new features this year including prizes for the monthly challenges. Visit the new score sheet and earn points each month.

Other challenges will cover:

  • Alternative transportation
  • Paper usage
  • Recycling
  • Green purchasing
  • Communication with the rest of the CSU community

Watch for more information on these challenges in the coming months.

Contact: Tonie Miyamoto
Phone: 491-4314