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Police drill on Foothills Campus June 23

June 19, 2009

The Colorado State University Police Department will conduct a drill on the university's Foothills Campus at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, June 23. The drill will test communication between the University's Department of Environmental Health Services personnel and CSUPD officers in the event of a security emergency. The location of the drill is centered on a building close to the Infectious Disease Research Center, or IDRC.

Simulate an intrusion

The drill will simulate an intrusion to the building and CSUPD will respond while requesting assistance from EHS personnel. The exercise will include role players who will enter the facility, activating the alarm.

Officers will respond to the location and simulate securing the area. This drill will not interrupt any operations of the IDRC or surrounding facilities.

Neighbors may notice activity

Because this is a training exercise, response to the alarm will be within normal driving speed limits. It will not be an emergency response. There will be no lights and sirens en route to the IDRC.

There is a possibility of overhead police lights being engaged at the IDRC. This could be noticed by residents of the Ponds subdivision located south of the IDRC research complex as well as Foothills Campus personnel. Vehicle spot lights might also be used during the drill.

Simulate actual police commands

Public address systems within the police vehicles may also be used during the exercise to simulate actual police commands. It is possible that these commands may be heard by residents in the Ponds subdivision as well as personnel working in the Centers for Disease Control and buildings surrounding IDRC facilities. Police officers will not direct or contact IDRC personnel leaving or entering the complex during the drill. 

On-site debriefing

Once the role players have been ordered from the building and are outside the facility, the exercise will end. We expect the drill to conclude between 8:30 and 8:45 p.m. followed by an on-site debriefing of the drill with CSUPD and EHS personnel.

CSUPD officers will NOT draw weapons during the exercise. There will be up to four police vehicles that respond to the drill as well as associated vehicles from after-hours EHS response personnel. This drill will not involve any police presence in the Ponds subdivision.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact either Jim Abraham of EHS or Commander Scott Harris of the CSU Police Department.

Contact: Dell Rae Moellenberg
Phone: (970) 491-6009