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USDA partnership places epidemiology expert in Caribbean

August 11, 2010

Colorado State University will join Dr. Simone Titus, a veterinarian who specializes in analyzing animal health data; the University of West Indies; and regional animal health organizations in the Caribbean, to improve domestic, imported, and exported food supply safety.

Titus appointed to new animal health position

The Animal Population Health Institute at Colorado State University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agriculture Service, announced today the appointment of Dr. Simone Titus to a new animal health position, the risk analysis and epidemiology veterinarian of animal health for the Caribbean region. 

Work with experts in Caribbean

Titus, CSU, and the University of West Indies will work with animal health experts in the Caribbean region to strengthen regional animal health organizations’ technical capacity and improve domestic, imported and exported food supply safety.

Titus most recently was the chief veterinary officer of Trinidad and Tobago veterinary services. She completed her doctorate at Massy University in New Zealand and her veterinary degree from UWI.  

Technical expertise, animal health data for animal product trade

Titus will provide technical expertise and facilitate compiling animal health data and information by working with private and public partners. Titus also will lead institutional procedures and training programs for animals and animal product trade.

She will work closely with APHI, USDA - APHIS: Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health in Fort Collins and University of West Indies on research and scientist and student exchanges. 

CSU and the U. S. Department of State are funding Titus’ position.

Contact: Dell Rae Moellenberg
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