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Look who's outstanding!

March 28, 2014
by Carol Carroll

Congratulations to the Laurel Hall staff. They bested themselves (surpassed their own goal) and came out on top in an energy conservation competition with Ammons Hall. 'Sustainability' is more than a buzz word for them. They're practicing it every day, on-the-job at CSU.

On Friday March 14, 2014, the CSU Employee Appreciation Board held a recognition event, complete with pizza for all, to honor the employees of Laurel Hall for their successful efforts to significantly reduce their energy usage throughout the building.

'We practice sustainability'

During Fiscal Year 2013, The Office of International Programs and C.P. Gillette Museum of Arthropod Diversity, both located in Laurel Hall, accepted an 8-month challenge and agreed to participate in a friendly conservation smack-down between the residents of Ammons and Laurel Halls.The staff of the Office of International Programs and the CP Gillette Museum of Arthropod Diversity.

Over the course of this 8-month challenge, Laurel Hall took the team approach as Janet Porter, Julia Helminiak, Scot Smith, Scott Allen, Shauna DeLuca and Brian Heinold worked together to get the word out to fellow occupants of Laurel Hall, encouraging all to participate in the effort to conserve energy.

Laurel Hall employees responded with a team effort and demonstrated their continuous commitment to energy conservation producing an outstanding result.

Team Laurel Hall saved (8,951 kWh) during the challenge, which was enough to power an average Fort Collins home for a year!  Way to go Laurel Hall – keep up the good work!

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