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New wave of Iranian students at U.S. universities

August 11, 2010

Since 1979, when tens of thousands of Iranians studied in the United States, the number of Iranian students in the U.S. has taken a nosedive, bottoming out at fewer than 1,700 students in 1999. Since then, the number of students has begun a slow but steady rise, with more Iranians in the country now than at any other point since 1994.

Iranian students say they come to the United States because of its quality schools and substantial research financing. But just to get to the United States students face major obstacles.

Student visas can take many months to obtain. Iranians face additional screening from the State Department because of security concerns. Also, because there is no American Embassy in Iran, students must travel to American embassies or consulates in other countries to apply.

The complications extend to daily life as well. Parents who want to send their children money cannot do so through bank transfers.


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