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CSU mechanical engineering student spends summer at an archaeological dig site in Italy

October 28, 2013

When senior mechanical engineer Darryl Beemer signed up for the Summer Archaeology Field School, a program set up through the Lorenzo de' Medici Italian Institute, he knew he was getting involved chest high in an archaeological dig.

However, he was not expecting to discover an unknown ancient intact burial site at one of the digs. The burial site was consequently informally nicknames “Darryl’s Tomb.”

For Darryl, this program was the epitome of a hands-on experience. Taking place in the small town of Tuscania, roughly 60 miles north of Rome, Darryl spent many of his days six feet below the surface, digging through volcanic soil, excavating an ancient Etruscan necropolis. At the end of his one month in Tuscania, he came away with three science credits, three art credits, and plenty of first-hand experience.

“I had the chance to get really involved in the project I was working on. That included analyzing the artifacts I discovered, developing hypotheses about their significance, and helping with the drafting and drawing of the site. The project had a lot more to it than I expected, but it helped me connect with the town in a way simply studying in a classroom never could have provided.”

Advice to future Education Abroad Students

First, bring a pedometer. You will be doing plenty of walking and at the end of the day. It is nice to know how far you’ve gone. Second bring several Colorado or CSU flags and key chains. You will be meeting so many people you will want to remember. Share your Colorado pride with them! They do not know your personal story, so give them a small piece of where you come from. Just by engaging with strangers, you are paving your own road for success and being an ambassador to your school, state, and country.

Learning more about education abroad opportunities

CSU Education Abroad assists students like Darryl in finding a program that is the right academic fit. Program types include short and long-term study, internships, research, and service learning.

Applications open for summer and fall programs on November 1. Feel free to come into CSU Education Abroad during walk in hours Mondays through Thursdays 9am to 12pm and 1pm and 4pm and Fridays 10 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 3 pm in Laurel Hall, Room 008 or visit our web site

Interested in hearing more stories?

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