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Danielle Ate the Sandwich at the Lagoon

July 5, 2014

Fan-favorite Danielle Ate the Sandwich (the stage name for folk musician and songwriter Danielle Anderson) will play at the Lagoon Concert Series on Wednesday, July 9. Her YouTube videos have garnered millions of combined views from her 'fanwiches,' as she's fond of calling them.

Wednesday, July 9
6:30-8:30 p.m.
Corner of Meridian and Plum
CSU campus

How to describe Danielle Ate the Sandwich, the stage name of nationally recognized folk musician and songwriter, Danielle Anderson…? 

VERSATILE. Watch her cinematic music video, Faith in a Man, in which she robs a speakeasy, yells “Reach for the sky!” in a mafia-style accent, and sprays bullets into the ceiling from a tommy gun. The audio overlay showcases her flawless, silky, alto vocals.



EFFORTLESS. Anderson’s voice is liquid, pouring from one note to the next. Her style is her own—unpretentious and sweet, while her lyrically driven songs reveal a whole-souled woman.

SOCIAL MEDIA SAVVY. Using social media to reach fans of all ages, Anderson’s videos on YouTube have gained millions of combined views and have given her the opportunity to write and play music full time.

CLEVER. The humor in Anderson’s lyrics coexists with narratives about life’s challenges. Gritty realities are softened by shimmering optimism.

CSU ALUMNA. Yes, Anderson graduated from CSU in 2008 with a degree in design and merchandising!

Will play as trio

Will you have supporting musicians appearing with you on July 9?

“Yes! I wanted to make sure the concert was extra special, so I’ll be playing as a trio, with my bass player Dennis Bigelow and violinist, Chris Jusell."

Still figuring it out

You're praised for being refreshingly authentic and funny. 

“I guess being authentic is something I try to think about and ignore at the same time.

"I was not a stand out in high school. I was kind of just there. I am sure of being here now though, and I think the late bloomer status has made it easy to be authentic but without getting ahead of myself, because in a way I’m still figuring it all out.”

Philosophies underlying her music

Please relate some of your life’s philosophies that inspire your song writing.

“My life philosophy is much more idealistic than my songwriting. In life, I believe most in the importance of being kind. My songwriting may be better summed up as, “Feel every feeling, ask every question, make a big deal about it and cry and cry. But never forget it’s a gift just to be alive and to get to feel and ask.”

Evolving artistry

You describe your new album as an evolving expression of you and your musicianship.

“I think it’s natural to evolve as a writer and a musician, as you are evolving as a person. With Like a King, I felt I learned a lot as an artist in charge of her music and art, as well as a business woman in charge of her ‘product.’

“I also felt more comfortable about the collaborations with the talented musicians who played on the record, which I feel contributed immensely to the success of the album.”

My fanwiches

What do your fans say they like about you?

"My fanwiches, which is a name I’m trying to give my fans, are really, really cool and seem to all like different things about me. A lot of people say they like my sense of humor, my voice, or my lyrics (that’s my favorite compliment to get). But sometimes they get specific and say amazing things like I inspired them to get a ukulele or one of my songs helped them through the death of someone they loved.

"It’s an amazing way to connect to people and I’m constantly perplexed that I’m part of such a big thing—this exchange of art, emotions, and memories across the universe! WHO NEEDS A RECORD DEAL WHEN YOU HAVE THAT?!”

What do you look forward to about playing at the Lagoon Concert Series?

I love the idea of a free, outdoor show that’s great for all ages and for families. Summer shows are always full of energy. I hope to see some of my usual fans and some new young kids on the grass dancing and laughing!


CSU’s sponsors for the evening are Human Development and Family Studies, as well as OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute. Stop by their booths for information and SWAG. Don’t forget to register to win other great CSU prizes. Pizza Casbah will be onsite serving pizza, gyros, and snowcones.  

The Lagoon Concert Series is owned and hosted by Mantooth Company.

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