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Ask Cam

The corn is as high as an elephant's knee

August 9, 2011


Hey, Cam, I see there is corn growing west of the library. Can I pick this corn to roast when it ripens or is it someone's research?

Cam’s answer:

Hey, are you the fella who asked the same question last year? If so, welcome back to another season of corn on campus!

Once again, I trotted over to talk with Fred Haberecht, landscape architect at Facilities Management.

“The corn patch, which is our little bit of urban agriculture, is an edible feature of campus,” Fred says. “This patch of ground has been alternately corn and sunflowers over the years and continues to be planted each year because of the positive feedback we get from students, faculty and staff – not to mention the raccoons and squirrels.”

I double-checked with Fred to be sure the corn can be harvested. “Your submitter can help himself when the time comes, but he’s not the only one with the interest,” Fred says. “He needs to be considerate and not fill his duffel bag.”

I remain, all ears,

Cam the Ram  

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