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CSU's snow removal team is outstanding!

June 26, 2014

Who do you call when the weather takes a turn for the worst and snow piles up on CSU sidewalks and streets? The snow removal team at Facilities Management, that's who!

First responders when it snows

If you work on the snow removal team at CSU and the campus happens to be hit with a heavy snow storm, you're liable to be fishtailing your way into work at 1 a.m. in the morning. You have a lot of work to do.

The team was nominated for recognition because of the incredible dedication they show. In February of 2014, for example, they worked for 18 days in a row (with no days off) in bone-chilling temperatures to clear the campus of snow.

On May 19, 2014, the Colorado State University Employee Appreciation Board recognized the team with a pizza lunch and raffle prizes.

Clearing 10 miles of streets

All employees of Facilities Management have snow removal duties but it's the snow removal team that makes the biggest difference.

This group can report to campus as early as 1 a.m. to remove snow from:

  • approximately 10 miles of streets,
  • 1,606,962 sq. ft. of sidewalks,
  • 3,782,744 sq. ft. in parking lots, and
  • building entrances on campus before employees and students arrive.

Reporting for 18 straight days

The snow events last February, which included extremely cold temperatures for extended periods, had teams reporting for 18 days straight including weekends.

After the snow quit falling they continued to remove ice and snow build up from bike lanes; removed snow piles from non-priority parking areas; further plowed slush and snow from secondary streets; and attended to areas that would thaw and re-freeze daily causing hazardous conditions.

A CSUEAB volunteer reads the award nomination to the Facilities Management snow removal team.Without this team it would be extremely difficult to make the campus operational and safe during bad weather events.

This is one of many reason why the CSU Employee Awards Board was honored to recognize this group with a pizza lunch for their 35 fulltime staff and 10 student staff.

Your appreciation board

The CSU Employee Appreciation Board, originally formed in 1968, recognizes employees for their hard work and promotes community spirit among CSU faculty and staff through events such as breakfasts or luncheons. Each month the APC also hosts a prize drawing for all faculty and staff who submit an entry form, including a coveted reserved parking space for a full month.

The board meets monthly during the academic year to discuss and plan employee recognition events, as well as to help promote University events. One of the main objectives of the board is the monthly recognition of a group, entity, or college.

Have a department or office you want to nominate? Contact the board or nominate a department or office for recognition.

Contact: CSU Employee Appreciation Board