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Ask Cam

Enrollment stats and facts

September 21, 2009


How many students are in this year’s freshman class? How many total students are enrolled this year?

Cam’s answer:

You’re in luck - the numbers were just released by my esteemed friends at Public Relations.

CSU welcomed 25,413 students for the fall, a record total enrollment. That total includes 21,204 undergraduates, 3,671 graduate students, and 538 professional veterinary medicine students.

That’s an increase of 1.6 percent from last year's total enrollment of 25,011, if you’re keeping track of the stats.

A total of 4,285 new freshmen have enrolled this fall, including 3,350 Colorado residents and 935 non-residents. Last year’s freshman enrollment was 4,404.

And here’s another good piece of news: CSU’s freshman class is the most academically accomplished in its history with an average high-school GPA of 3.57 and 24.6 ACT score.

Smart, savvy, and going places – that’s our student body!

Cam the Ram