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Proposed 2012-13 state budget

November 2, 2011

A note from CSU President Tony Frank on the proposed 2012-13 state budget, which includes a 2.7 percent cut to state higher education funding.

Dear colleagues and students,

Gov. Hickenlooper yesterday announced his proposed 2012-13 budget, which includes a 2.7 percent cut to state higher education funding, totaling about $77 million. There are no surprises in this for us; we’ve been monitoring what’s happening at the state level and have based our budget planning for next year around anticipated cuts of this size.

While there’s still plenty of baseball to be played at the state level before CSU’s funding numbers are final, this indicates we’re on track with our planning as we head into the early spring planning and budget hearings for our campus.

With the failure of Proposition 103 in yesterday’s election, we can likely expect that state leaders will also start looking seriously at a more comprehensive long-term solution to funding Colorado higher education.

CSU’s official position remains clear: As a land-grant university committed to access and opportunity, we believe that shifting an ever-increasing share of the cost of education on to students and families is just not good public policy – and not in the long-term best interest of our state or society. As a statewide community, we have a responsibility to find a sustainable way to support our public colleges and universities, and this is a view largely shared by our state’s leaders and business community.

CSU will continue to be part of this discussion in the weeks and months ahead.

Thanks – and stay warm.

Tony Frank