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Ask Cam

A question of numbers

March 27, 2012


Hi Cam! I'm not sure if you get paid in dollars or just hay, straw, and oats, but I'm a state-classified employee here at CSU and I'm hearing that the state budget process for FY13 indicates that the temporary increase in employee contributions to PERA is not going to be renewed, meaning we'll go back to the normal 8 percent contributions starting in July. Is this true?

Cam’s answer:

I’m paid in luscious hay and whatever else I can munch on! And believe me, that’s a whole lot easier than trying to figure out the state budget process. You poor two-leggers, you.

But speaking of figuring things out, I talked with my good friends over at Human Resource Services,  and I was told that, after reviewing the current legislative action, HR staff couldn’t find any current bills reflecting this issue.

It’s a short answer to a complex issue, but if you have any other questions or would like additional information, feel free to contact HR at 491-6947.

Yours in nutritional (if not budgetary) symbiosis,

Cam the Ram