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Take precautions when leaving for the holidays

December 14, 2009

The office for Off-Campus Living is sharing their top five tips for how to keep your house or apartment safe while on vacation for winter break. For a complete list of safety recommendations, visit

Home safety tips from Off-Campus Life

Off-campus students can protect their belongings (and their wallets) over break by taking some important precautions. Here are our top five recommendations:

  • Secure sliding windows and doors by placing a broomstick handle or dowel in the track - this will make it more difficult for a potential thief to slide open a window/door. Also, ask your neighbor if they would be willing to keep an extra eye on your place and leave them your number in case of an emergency.
  • Shut blinds and curtains in windows - do not advertise your belongings (or the fact that you’re not home) to potential thieves.
  • If you aren’t planning on taking your car with you, park it in a well-lit parking space near frequently used roadways. Do not leave your automobile parked on a street curb. Not only could it be towed if the street requires plowing, but a car parked in the same spot for more than 48 hours is subject to ticketing.
  • Make arrangements for snow removal of sidewalks and avoid a ticket - it is a city ordinance to clear sidewalks within 24 hours whether you are on vacation or not.
  • Make sure your residence is heated enough to prevent water pipes from freezing and bursting.

For a more complete list of precautions and tips, please visit the Off-Campus Life website and click on the “News & Spotlight” tab.

Have a wonderful and safe break!

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