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Rams hoping to crash the Super Bowl

January 23, 2012
By Kayla Green

Brad Scott and Nate Watkin have already won $25,000 and a 7-day trip to the Super Bowl, but they may not be done, yet. Selected as one of five top finalists, their Doritos commercial has the potential for Super Bowl airtime.

Imagine doing your passion- be it writing as the words flow from your mind, playing a musical instrument until your heart sings, painting that masterpiece you’ve always dreamed about, or filming that one video that has the potential to launch your Hollywood career. Now imagine entering that one written, musical, artistic or graphic piece into a nationally recognized challenge and becoming a top finalist. Can you picture it? What would you do? How would you react?

Dream come true

Left to right then bottom: Nate Watkin (co-creator), Jason Walston (actor), Brad Scott (co-creator), Reid Fenlaw (actor)For CSU Rams Brad Scott and Nate Watkin, this dream became a reality when they received a call in December from Doritos informing them that their video, Hot Wild Girls, was a top five finalist in their Crash the Super Bowl challenge.

“I was actually in Laredo, Texas when I got this weird, strange Minnesota call, so I answered it," Scott recalled. "And they told me I was a potential finalist. I kind of zoned out, and sort of had an out of body experience.”

The video, which features two “brochachos” lounging in the living room and ordering up whatever they desire through their Siri-like smart phone, entertains the audience through a comical play on words. When the “brochachos” ask for three “hot, wild girls,” the smart phone gives them something rather unexpected.

“Our friend, Eric Delgado- who’s more of the writer- came up with the initial concept, and then we sort of bounced around some ideas to develop the script,” said Scott.

“The challenging part was getting all the pieces in place- finding the actors, finding the location, finding the dogs,” said Watkin, who’s currently finishing his degree through CSU Global.

Fulfilling their passion

For the two producers, filmmaking has always been a passion of theirs. "The greatest expression you can get from anybody is laughter and comedy allows you to do that," said Scott, whose future goal is to be a director of comedy.

"I think projects like these just help us get closer to achieving our goals," said Watkin. "The ability to express yourself creatively by coming up with an idea and creating and executing it- that's probably the most rewarding part."

Chance for the ultimate prize

As a top finalist, Scott and Watkin have already won $25,000 and a 7-day trip to the Super Bowl, which airs Feb. 5. With their video up against four other finalists, Scott and Watkin are going to need all the help they can get to win the ultimate prize: $1 million dollars, airtime during the Super Bowl and the chance to produce a commercial with Lonely Island.

For Hot, Wild Girls to get Super Bowl airtime, the video will need to collect the most votes from fans out of all five finalists. In order to win the $1 million and opportunity to film a commercial with Lonely Island, Hot, Wild Girls will need to rank as the number one spot on USA Today’s Ad Meter. Fans are encouraged to vote through Jan. 29 to help Hot, Wild Girls get the honor of appearing during the Super Bowl.

“For me, what I’ve learned and the recognition I’ve received, is worth more than $1 million,” said Scott.

Cast your vote

With several ways to vote, fans can help Scott and Watkin make it to the Super Bowl.