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'Romeo and Juliet' - Now through July 25

July 2, 2010

'The setting for the School of the Arts' production of Romeo and Juliet can be likened to a distant Elizabethan era,' Director Eric Prince says, 'In which global warming and a third world war have come and gone, but when swords, not guns and bombs, are the fashionable weapons of choice.'

Image courtesy of Colorado State University School of the Arts.

Shakespeare in a bit of a time warp

Depending on whether you are a traditionalist, or like to dance the time warp, an often asked question about any Shakespeare production is “When is it set?”

Shakespeare at Sunset presents something for every taste during the 2010 CSU Summer Theatre productions of Romeo and Juliet and The Two Gentlemen of Verona.

For Director Eric Prince, the classic love story Romeo and Juliet transcends time, allowing it to be set in the future when global warming and a third world war have come and gone.

A distant, Elizabethan era

According to Prince, “The setting will feel oddly reminiscent of a distant Elizabethan era when swords, not guns and bombs, were the fashionable weapons of choice.”

Shakespeare festival established

Summer theatre has been a tradition at CSU for decades, yet, until last summer, had not been centered on Shakespeare. Following a string of sold-out shows in 2009, the theatre division is confident about establishing a Shakespeare festival.

"Century after century," Prince says, "Audiences continue to be transported into other worlds, meeting and renewing friendships with Shakespeare’s immortal characters."

Plays reveal the best... the worst of humankind

Shakespeare’s plays remain globally influential, crossing cultural boundaries, as the master poet confronts our essential and unchanging human nature. “He deals with our best and most heroic efforts, juxtaposed with our most cruel and inhuman aspects,” says Prince. “His vision has remained unflinchingly truthful.”

Image courtesy of Colorado State University School of the Arts.

'Imaginations unleashed'

With its eternal theme of young love, Romeo and Juliet is one of Shakespeare’s most appealing and enduring plays.

No stranger to directing Shakespeare, Prince had oddly enough never directed the iconic love story. “I am greatly inspired by this new experience, and the imaginations of the creative production team have been unleashed by being in a time we can only imagine.”

“Plus, as an Englishman myself, I feel pretty good about him being an Englishman too,” says Prince, as he hitches up his imaginary doublet and Kevlar hose.

Remaining performance dates

The play will be performed in the University Theatre, University Center of the Arts, nightly at 7 p.m.  Purchase tickets online.  

  • Thursday, July 8
  • Friday, July 9
  • Saturday, July 17
  • Sunday, July 18
  • Thursday, July 22
  • Sunday, July 25

Theatre under 'blanket of stars'

"Audiences won't be outside at CSU's Shakespeare at Sunset performances but they'll find themselves under a blanket of stars," Stacy Nick with the Fort Collins Coloradoan says. 

"After consulting a former student, Chris Kortum, who now does lighting design for Cirque, Walt Jones (co-director of CSU's Department of Theatre and Dance) and CSU Professor of Lighting, Sound and Projection Price Johnston used glass gobos... to create stars; a pin light to create a twinkle effect; and a projection of the sky to create star movement."  

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