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Nominations open for Exit Interviewers

March 2, 2012

Colorado State University, through the Office of the Vice President for Diversity and the Office of Equal Opportunity, is launching an initiative to conduct exit interviews with faculty and staff who leave the university voluntarily.

The purpose of these interviews is to identify employment trends and better understand employees’ work experiences and the climate at Colorado State.

“We realized that we needed data about why people stay and why people leave the university,” said Mary Ontiveros, Vice President for Diversity. “Former employees provide essential insight about how we can improve the campus’ work environment while also offering perceptions on strengths that can be celebrated and promoted.”

The university is seeking faculty and staff with permanent assignments, and official retirees interested in serving as exit interviewers. This is a service activity and it is anticipated that exit interviewers will conduct on average two interviews a month requiring a commitment of 4 to 6 hours per month.

Exit interviewers will receive training on interviewing techniques through the Office of Equal Opportunity and the Office of Training and Organizational Development. Interviewers will be responsible for taking notes during the interviews and sharing the information received in written format with the Office of Equal Opportunity. All information learned from conducting these interviews will be held in confidence.

According to Diana Prieto, director of the Office of Equal Opportunity, “We are looking for people with strong listening and interpersonal skills; the ability to be impartial and objective, yet empathetic; and especially someone who can maintain confidentiality.”

If you are interested in becoming an exit interviewer, contact the chair of your employee council to place your name in nomination:

  • Dave Mornes, Administrative Professional,
  • Farrah Bustamante, Classified Staff,
  • Tim Gallagher, Faculty,
  • Diane Maybon, Faculty Council Secretary,

Individuals nominated by their council chair are asked to provide a one-page statement expressing interest and indicating why they would be good candidates to conduct exit interviews on behalf of the university. Individuals considered for selection will then meet with the Employee Exit Interview Selection Committee.

“There are many service assignments at Colorado State, and our faculty/staff are remarkable in their willingness to serve,” said Prieto. “This is another way faculty/staff can serve the university by helping us learn more about ourselves – what we do well and what we can improve, so that we can become a better employer.”

Contact: Rod Higgins
Phone: 970-491-2297