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Ask Cam

Homesick, and I'm just sick about it

February 17, 2012

Hey Cam,

Is there an organization for out of state students feeling homesick?

Cam’s answer:

Well… it seems I have some good news and some bad news, and I think I’ll start with the bad news so we can end on good news.  

Earlier this week, I trotted on over to my friends in SLiCE and asked if they knew of anything matching your request, and unfortunately, they hadn’t. So, being stalwart and determined, I galloped on over to my long-time buddies in Student Affairs and Higher Ed, and asked them the same question, and again came up empty-handed. Surprisingly, there doesn’t seem to be an organization for homesick out-of-state students. Concerning, isn’t it?

So what’s the good news, you ask? Well, being a rather spirited ram, and always keeping my water bowl half full, I’d like to mention that there are still a few options available. For one, you could visit with the CSU Health Network and speak with a counselor. As a full-time student, you get five free sessions per semester, which should help pull you out of the slump.

Another idea is to create an organization through SLiCE specifically for homesick students. SLiCE is a pretty cool office, because it allows students to create student organizations for virtually anything they desire, such as a community for homesick students to hang out in—wink, wink, nudge, nudge. As you can see, I personally really like this idea, and would give it a two-thumbs up- that is, if I had opposable thumbs. But that’s getting off-track…

Anyway, by creating an organization meant for home-sick students, I’m sure you could develop great friendships and create a network here that’s equivalent to the one you have back home. And hey! You could even stop by to visit me at the next basketball game with your new pals!

Always here for you,

Cam the Ram