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Green and Gold over CSU

January 14, 2009

CSU's flag flies high above campus.


Hey Cam, I noticed that the tall cranes at the Student Recreation Center building area were all carrying a CSU flag on top. Is there a reason for this? Does Saunders Construction have CSU alumni or are they just showing CSU pride?

Cam’s answer:

Cam loves fielding questions from intrepid, eagle-eyed readers! For a definitive answer on those high-flying flags, I turned to Gene Leach, architect and project manager for CSU’s Facilities Management. He told me:

The cranes you’re talking about are actually at the Indoor Practice Facility site (just north of the Student Recreation Center) and are a separate project from the SRC project.

I can also tell you that many of Saunders' employees are CSU graduates. The company is the general contractor for the Indoor Practice Facility, the Academic and Training Center, and the Student Recreation Center expansion and renovation projects. Saunders was recognized as No. 200 in the top 400 contractors in the Engineering News Report's Annual survey (September 2008).

In addition, they are participating in the renovation of the Industrial Sciences building (which is a collaborative of about seven to eight general contractors, many of whom are making significant donations to the project) in support of the Construction Management program.

So, the answer is “yes” to both parts of the question. Many are Colorado State grads and they (and their sub-contractors) are showing support of the university and CSU athletics by flying the CSU flag.

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