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Fall 2012 Freshman and Transfer Retention Study

October 29, 2012

The fall 2012 Freshman and Transfer Retention Study is now available on the Institutional Research website under the “Student Success” link.

For this report, cohorts are defined as undergraduate resident-instruction (RI) students who enter in the fall semester as full-time (enrolled in 12 or more credits) either as a new freshman or a transfer student from another institution. Additional operational definitions are provided in the glossary on page 7.

Retention rates rebounded

After a small dip last year, one-year retention rates rebounded to the highest rate since at least 1991. Of the fall 2011 cohort 84.7 percent returned for class in fall 2012. Minority retention rates experienced a similar resurgence, closing the retention gap to just one percentage point (though controlling for index score, there is no retention gap between minority and nonminority cohorts).

The six-year graduation rate was at 63.7 percent and students who graduate are doing so at a faster pace than ever before. Of the fall 2006 cohort, 91 percent of graduates did so in less than five years, and 76 percent did so in four years plus one semester. Further evidence of this is reflected in the most recent four-year graduation rates, which jumped more than 1.5 points and is the highest since at least the fall 1991 cohort.

These data and more can be explored in the fall 2012 Freshman and Transfer Retention Study, as well as in our IR Interactive Student Retention Studies which enable visitors to explore, arrange, and download information in a variety of formats.


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