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Ask Cam

Rebuild Old Main

July 22, 2013

Dear Cam, 

What do you think about the idea of rebuilding Old Main? Can you imagine how popular this idea would be with alumni? Let's get the campaign started, Cam!

Cam’s answer

Wow, I sure would love to see Old Main back on campus. It was a wonderful building and has been sorely missed since it burned down that fateful night in May 1970. As of now, there are no plans to rebuild Old Main, but I’ll be sure to pass along your advice to the great Rams in charge.

As I was trotting around campus the other day, I remembered some of the other old buildings that are no longer here, like the Claim Shanty and the original Agriculture Building. Even the Lory Apartments have come down to make way for the brand new Laurel Village.  If you are looking for a building that will really impress, I’d recommend the newly renovated Lory Student Center when it opens in fall 2014!

Thanks for the support!

Cam the Ram