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Campus rallies for higher education Feb. 17

February 10, 2009

ASCSU Director of Legislative Affairs Matt Worthington gives us a brief overview of "Higher Education in Crisis." ASCSU invites you rally in the LSC Plaza at noon on Feb. 17 to get the word out on the crisis.

A message from ASCSU Director of Legislative Affairs

Dear Students,

You have probably heard by now about the funding crisis facing Colorado. Colorado now ranks last in the nation in state funding for higher education because of an entanglement of state provisions and the economic recession.

Higher education is one of the only parts of the Colorado budget that is not protected from cuts. Our budget is an attractive place to cut because higher education has an “alternative revenue source” which is codeword for increases to your tuition. Tuition will increase 9 percent into the foreseeable future, but there are much more dangerous waters ahead.

Never in CSU’s 140 year history has our education been in greater jeopardy. The Colorado Joint Budget Committee is reviewing the doomsday scenarios of privatizing a university or even closing down a college in Colorado. Privatization would require a tuition increase of 45 percent over two years to make up the lost in funding. Closing down colleges would mean 1 in 3 students who went to that college would not be able to afford to go anywhere else.

But if students across Colorado work together, we can prevent these situations from happening. When we learned about this crisis, the Associated Students of Colorado went into action with leaders from 14 other campuses in Colorado to form the 'I Am Higher Education' movement.

On Feb. 17, there will be a rally on all 14 campuses at noon in order to raise awareness and show support for our college and universities. This will be the first step of a much larger journey towards securing the future of our education. I hope to see you there.


Matt Worthington
Director of Legislative Affairs
Associated Students of Colorado State University

Campus rally info

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