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Beverage Business Institute highlights partnerships in industry

June 19, 2013

The Beverage Business Institute in the College of Business hosted a three-day session in which participants listened to presenters and toured various facilities.

The Beverage Business Institute in the College of Business is gaining traction and recognition for its prominent speakers, interactive workshops and specialized tours. The June 5-7 session demonstrated the BBI’s connections to industry and partnerships in the community.

Participants heard from another set of outstanding presenters and toured Equinox Brewing Company, American Eagle Distributing, and High Hops Brewing. The session culminated on Friday with the “Brew Day Experience,” intermingled with other beverage business courses and featured speaker, Wynne Odell, at Odell Brewing Company.

Wynne Odell and the “Brew Day Experience”

Participants spent a day brewing a batch of honey orange amber ale on the five-barrel pilot system at Odell Brewing Company. Brewer Tony Rau led the group through the brewing process while Kirk Simpson, national sales manager, organized the “Brew Day Experience.”

Wynne OdellWhile the wort boiled, participants listened to Wynne Odell, CEO and co-founder of Odell Brewing Company, speak with brilliance and honesty on the history of Odell Brewing Company, the vision and mission, the successes and dynamics of creating a company with family, and the future expansion projects of the brewery. Odell’s professionalism and masterful oratory skills shone as she wove a tapestry describing their move from Seattle to Fort Collins in 1989 to open the brewery to the current state of continued growth. Beginning stories with “I probably shouldn’t tell you this…,” she invited listeners into fun narratives and anecdotes of her journey as a co-developer, which provided important aspects of business planning for any entrepreneur to consider. She also spoke on the personal dynamics of the brewery and how each owner’s individual roles have evolved and developed over time to fit the needs of owning a packaging brewery.

This session of the BBI also featured a range of presentations.

Antionette Williams – Sales Management

Antionette Williams, key account development manager for Coca-Cola Refreshments, kicked off the third session with a presentation on sales management. She emphasized negotiation, a key component of effective selling for Coca-Cola. Williams helped participants learn how to think like a customer and how to skillfully utilize negotiation tactics to make the sale. She helped participants understand how to build trust with clients and how knowledge of the industry and trends should be at the core of a good sales management team.

Steve Helle – Customer Relationship Management

Contrary to popular belief, IT can play a prominent role in supporting marketing efforts, explained Steve Helle, CEO of NextConnect. Helle discussed the considerations managers must make to construct mutually beneficial relationships between IT and marketing personnel. He helped participants understand how they can better reach customers with targeted marketing efforts, often based on the data gained from the IT department. With 2.4 billion Internet users in the world and 80 million beer drinkers in the United States, reaching the right customers was an important lesson from Helle.

Brian Fugate – Demand Management

In the same way children fantasize about the perfect superpower, Brian Fugate, professor of management at CSU, argued that the ability to forecast and predict the future was the ultimate capability for a company. Fugate discussed the different types of demand, the best methods for accurate forecasting and the importance of forecasting being a collaborative effort across company departments. In a world of rapidly shifting extraneous variables, forecasting can be difficult; Fugate gave participants the tools to navigate this difficult landscape.

Tour of Equinox Brewing Company

As one of the original employees of Equinox Brewing Company, Laura Petrick knows the history of the small Old Town brewery like it is her own. During a tour of the brewhouse, she delved into the history of Colin and Shannon Westcott’s decision to open Equinox next to their homebrew shop in 2010, future expansions and distribution plans for the brewery. While small expansions are planned — such as a grain silo that will take the space of extra bike parking — distribution will remain only to those who are close enough for the keg trike to pedal there.

Ken Smith – The History of Beer

Did you know that the Sumerians wrote hymns praising a goddess of beer as early as 1800 B.C.? Or that the beer industry once supported prohibition because they thought it would target only hard alcohol, thus eliminating competition? How about that Budweiser is only the “King of Beers” because they determined it to be so? Ken Smith, trainer at Boston Beer Company and CSU College of Business alumnus, shared these stories and more during his extensive presentation of the history of beer. From the prehistoric discovery of barley around 3500 B.C. to the modern upswing in craft breweries, Smith taught participants everything they needed to know about beer’s rich past.

Steve Medland – Inventory Management

The complexities of inventory management are many, but Steve Medland, instructor of management at CSU, helped dissect the many intricacies. Medland explained how inventory needs to be simultaneously high and low, and how to manage this paradox. He guided participants through the economic order quantity formula, which managers use to determine the proper amount of inventory to order and when to use the model. Medland reminded participants that inventory managers are really only answering two questions: how much and when. Medland explained the importance of inventory management and simplify the process for participants.

Tour of American Eagle Distributing

On Thursday, participants toured American Eagle Distributing – a facility that distributes 3.5 million cases of various beverages per year. Walking through towers of cases and gazing at mountains of kegs, they saw how 100 employees are able to load and distribute thousands of cases every day, as well as the operations taking place behind the curtain. With the recent influx of craft beer, American Eagle rearranged its warehouse to accommodate new clients such as Odell and Samuel Adams. Fittingly, participants concluded the tour with a tasting of beers from these prominent breweries.

Tour of High Hops Brewery

High Hops Brewery, a small brewery commercially open for about one year, operates in a facility connected to a greenhouse and a home-brew supply store, all of which are family run. The brewery is gaining popularity for its tasty beer and also for the hop farm situated on the property. Participants toured the facilities and learned how the family-owned brewery has found such success. Pat Weakland, co-founder of High Hops Brewery, took BBI on an up-close and personal journey through the hop fields. Weakland shared with the group his passion for horticulture, beer, and small business.

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