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Helping students achieve excellence

September 28, 2009
By Rebecca Howard

Lynne Siegel is one of the many helpful student tutors at the science, mathematics and liberal arts tutorial hall at Colorado State University. Located in the TILT Building in the Great Hall, these students are here to help their peers succeed in academics.

Meet Lynne

Lynne Siegel is one of the many helpful student tutors available at the science, mathematics, and liberal arts tutorial hall.

Lynne Siegel is a typical CSU student. She spends her time studying for exams, “shooting the breeze” with customers as a barista at the Cram-a-Latte coffee cart in Morgan Library, and attending the occasional concert. Siegel also spends her time helping students succeed while working at the science, mathematics and liberal arts tutorial hall.

Siegel is a senior majoring in English Education. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career as a middle school English teacher. Her interest in this age group is due to the fact that it is a pivotal time in one’s learning.

“It’s really important to get the basics of how to write well and how to read and interpret novels,” Siegel said. “It’s valuable to help students get those skills early.”

For now, Siegel is content helping her fellow students as a tutor. She provides tutorial services for the JTC course, Media and Society. She hopes that her job as a tutor will help prepare her for her future as an educator.

“I think it's a good way to practice before I student teach,” Siegel said.

Tutorial hall serves as resource for students

According to the tutorial hall website, the tutoring program has been helping students strive for academic excellence since 1990, when the hall first opened. Free tutoring was originally available for 15 courses in mathematics and science. Now, the hall offers tutoring services for 30 courses, with five liberal arts courses added just this year.

As always, the student tutors are here to help their peers and maintain a warm environment to facilitate a positive learning experience.

“The tutors are very friendly and helpful,” Siegel said. “They can help you and you can talk to other people who are also struggling. It’s better than sitting in your dorm room and not knowing what to do."

Tutorial hall location and hours

Tutorial services are held in the Great Hall on the second floor of the TILT building, located on the Oval. Parking is free in lots 310 and 350 during tutoring hours.

The tutorial hall is open Sunday through Thursday from 5-10 p.m. A full schedule for specific course tutoring hours is provided on the tutorial hall website.