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Penn State panel clears climate scholar of research-misconduct allegations

July 2, 2010

A Pennsylvania State University committee has found that there is "no substance" to allegations that the climate scientist Michael E. Mann had deviated from accepted scholarly practices in his research on global warming.

The committee's four-month investigation and 19-page report ends one of a series of investigations sparked by last year's "Climategate" controversy, in which e-mail messages stolen from servers at the University of East Anglia were used to cast doubt on the findings and integrity of climate-change scientists.

None of the investigations has turned up evidence of wrongdoing to date.

Mann, a professor of meteorology at Penn State since 2005, is best known to the public as the co-creator of the 2001 "hockey stick" graph showing that global temperatures, after remaining stable for several hundred years, rose sharply in the 20th century.


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