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Health / Safety

Office ergonomics training Aug. 5

July 30, 2010

Is your workstation a pain in the neck, literally? Come learn how to set up your workstation, identify and reduce Musculoskeletal Disorder, or MSD, risk factors, and learn good work practices.

The free office ergonomics training session involves/includes a variety of topics. Each person will learn about:

  • Injuries and injury risk factors (What are the risks? What is causing the problem? What to look for?)
  • Symptoms (What are the injury symptoms? Why are they a problem?)
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders/Cumulative Trauma Disorders (What they are and how they can affect all employees)
  • Examples of ergonomics (pictures, concepts)
  • Recommended posture (neutral posture): chair setup, keyboard height, mouse placement, monitor height, document holders, other alternatives, etc./why and how to use equipment to your advantage/what may happen if you don’t setup properly - (the injury risks), decreased productivity, efficiency, etc.
  • Ergonomics guidelines
  • Equipment to use and the overall recommended workstation set-up/how to set up your workstation properly (achieve recommended neutral posture/what things to consider (how to keep discomfort and injury risk low)
  • Break recommendations
  • Stretching examples

Attendees will be eligible to participate in a drawing for free ergonomic equipment!


Register online using the "Training Registration" link in the green box on the Ergonomic Program Web page.

Contact: Frank Gonzales
Phone: (970) 491-6745