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Environment / Sustainability

Green alert! Rams need a RecyleMania rally this week

March 23, 2010

The latest RecycleMania standings are in, and the news is not good for Colorado State University. CSU has slipped back to 15th place with a cumulative recycling rate of 51.4 percent. This is the lowest standing for CSU since the competition started and a drop of eight spots since the week before spring break. This is the final week of the competition.

CSU has never not finished in the top 10 in the RecycleMania competition and has the distinction of being the top university in Colorado for recycling.

Call to action!

We need you now, Rams! Budding trees on the Oval and greening grass on the intramural fields means that spring is coming and it’s time for some cleaning! Help spread the word in your corner of CSU. Cleaning a file cabinet now not only gets the job done, but can help vault CSU back into the top 10!

You can help boost the numbers with a spring cleaning party. Offices, labs, and halls can request up to four 95-gallon recycle bins to clean out files, documents, newspapers/magazines, etc. To request spring cleaning recycling bins, call (970) 491-0113 and leave a message with your building name and specific room number for the bin delivery.

Integrated Solid Waste will distribute all available bins for spring cleaning. If bins are not available at the time of your request, they will be provided as soon as more are available. When the bins are full or you are done with spring cleaning, contact Integrated Solid Waste for a pick-up. More areas will be able to participate if you keep bins for just a day or two so gather your coworkers or classmates and choose a spring cleaning day to support RecycleMania!

Confidential documents should be shredded but please shred only necessary documents and recycle all other paper. Shredded paper is less valuable in the recycling stream and can only be made into lower-grade paper products. It can also jam machines in recycling plants so recycle as much paper as you can.

On-campus competition update

For the on-campus competition: Newsom/Academic Village still leads in the residence hall competition with 36.08 pounds (cumulative) of recycled material per resident. And for the university apartments, International House and Lory Apartments still lead with 49.92 pounds (cumulative) of recyclables per resident.

How scores are tabulated

Each institution’s recycling rate is the proportion of recycled material to the total amount of waste (trash + recycled material). If an institution sends less waste to the landfill, their recycled material constitutes a larger proportion of their total waste and helps boost the numbers.

Contact: Nik Olsen
Phone: (970) 491-5507