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Campaign for Colorado State

2013 ASCSU election

April 5, 2013

Voting begins online via RamWeb at 8 a.m. Monday, April 8, and ends at 4 p.m. Wednesday, April 10. Students should login with their eName and ePassword to access an alert-link in the upper-right corner to vote. Results will be announced Wednesday night at the end of the senate meeting.

President and vice president candidates

Wendy and John: Your Voice, Our Cause


The LSC renovations

  • Open mobile RamRide office
  • Provide a temporary location for Ramskeller
  • Construction analysis committee to examine student concerns with construction areas on campus
  • Ensure printing labs for undeclared majors during LSC renovations

Strengthening relationship

  • Work with Transfort to include later hours and bus routes that would provide transportation to more places of interest for CSU students
  • Be student organization advocate, for allocation of funds from College Council Funding Boards
  • Work with relocated offices in the MAC gym to cultivate collaboration and streamline communication

Fiscal sustainability

  • Change status of those who pay the ASCSU student fee from “Full-Time, Off-Campus -Students” to “Part-Time, On-Campus” students to allow students to choose what resources they want to utilize and what fees they want to pay
  • Decreasing operating budget’s bottom line by $55, 809.03.

Nigel and Andrew: Bridging the Gap


LSC renovation

  • Address student needs during LSC construction by collaborating with offices and resources to make the move easier
  • Construct tangible relationships with student organizations to promote community
  • Create campus liaisons to bridge connections between campus resources and offices to unify goals and inspire community

Ram pride and student moral

  • Increase Ram pride by collaborating with student organizations for game day activities
  • RamCart, a mobile food and beverage cart to conveniently provide products at desks in the library during midterms and finals weeks
  • Moving course evaluation link to RamWeb for easy access when registering
  • Create a new tradition that brings students together for a celebration after a semester's hard work is over

Expanding communication techniques

  • Expanding the Rocky Mountain Collegian's readership with electronic copies
  • Multidimensional strategy building on how ASCSU informs and collects feedback about student fees