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Ask Cam

Keepin' it real: Stats on class sizes

July 10, 2013

Hi Cam!

What is the average class size at CSU?

Cam’s answer

Ah, that is a good question. I know when I think about big universities, I usually think of big lecture halls, too. However, when I trot in on classes here at CSU, I see that’s not really the case!

This past year, CSU actually had a 19 to 1 student-faculty ratio, which is pretty great ratio! Over half of our classes have less than 30 students – that’s 58% of our classes, to be exact. Twenty-three percent of our classes have 30-49 students, and only 19% of classes have over 50 students. Ha – how’s that for getting’ my study on? I think I should have been a stats major…

If you’re still worried about the size of your classes, you’ll probably like knowing that CSU has nearly 20 academic support coordinators in colleges and departments who are focused on helping our students succeed. I would contact your department to find out if this option is available for you.    

Happy studying!

Cam the Ram