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Study Abroad peer advisor reflects on study abroad

April 4, 2013

Study Abroad student, Kayla Rivers, talks about her experiences in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the impact it has made on her.

"Last spring, I traveled to the other side of the world to study abroad for a semester. Take a moment to imagine, from North Pole Alaska (my hometown), less than 150 miles south of the Arctic Circle all the way down to Buenos Aires, Argentina at the tip of South America, from a town of about 2,000 to a mega city of almost 13 million. Unbelievably, I was able to find a home in a place so vastly different and literally half a world away from where I was raised.

In Buenos Aires, I attended the Universidad de Belgrano. From the friends I made, to the family I lived with, I learned so much. Having to communicate in Spanish at school and at home made it so I was thinking in Spanish in no time. My host family was wonderful and I feel so blessed for the hour long dinner talks at 9 or 10 every night ranging from politics (the argentines love to talk politics and eat late) to any other topic that they can get really passionate and excited about. Also the food is excellent! Juicy steaks are plentiful and bakeries with deliciously cool gelato are never-ending. Mmmm!

Tango, the dance, and its enchanting subculture are another unique aspect of Buenos Aires. I took a class and was instantly intrigued. The soft, delicate, yet sometimes rapid and powerful movements were a challenge to learn and made me admire the street performers who danced it with such perfection.

Coming back to the U.S., I felt like I had completely new eyes. The constant bustling and busyness of society, the culture of consumerism and the limited knowledge and understanding of many people about events of other countries was hard to adjust to. It took me several months to settle. Coming back to CSU and starting a job as a peer advisor at the Study Abroad Office was a great way to get involved with the international community and inspire other students to study abroad as well.

Study Abroad opens up your world, to things that never seemed possible before. It was the most life-changing thing I have ever done, and I have many life-long friends from all around the world because of it! Do your part to make the world into a friendlier more culturally accepting place. Educate yourself, and study abroad!

However be warned: studying abroad can result in an insatiable addiction to travel!"

Kayla Rivers

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