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Spring clean and boost CSU's ranking

March 11, 2013

It's that time of year again when students are rushing off to a much-needed break and offices are scrambling to reorganize after the start of the semester. But fear not, RecycleMania is here!

During the March 6 Waste Audit, 2,000 pounds of waste were sorted by 41 brave volunteers.With CSU’s overall RecycleMania ranking as 33rd in the nation, offices can help boost the numbers by doing some much needed spring cleaning and file purging!

The Waste Audit on March 6 revealed that 26 percent of what was thrown away could have been recycled, 24 percent could have been composted, and 50 percent was true trash, which is an improvement from last year when 62 percent could have been diverted.

When recycling, keep in mind what items can and cannot be recycled. Doing so can help ensure we’re making a greater sustainable impact.

Recyclable items:

  • office paper and old documents,
  • magazines,
  • catalogs,
  • phone books,
  • newspapers,
  • books,
  • most envelopes,
  • posters, and
  • more!Last year, 62 percent of what was in the trash could have been diverted. This year's results showed that 50 percent could have been diverted, 26 percent of which could have been recycled and 24 percent could have been composted.

Non-recyclable items:

  • Marigold envelopes (8.5x11)
  • Transparencies
  • Video tapes

To request a spring cleaning recycling bin, call Integrated Solid Waste at (970) 491-0113 and leave a message with your building name and room number for delivery. Talk with your coworkers, building residents, or students about sharing the container. When the bins are full, or you have finished using them, contact Integrated Solid Waste for a pick-up.


Once you’ve purged that extra weight, keep it off by using and circulating electronic documents. If you do need to print, make sure it’s double-sided. Review your practices and set goals around creating less paper waste.

Confidential documents should be shredded, but please shred only as necessary. Shredded paper is less valuable in the recycling stream and can only be made into lower-grade paper products.

Now is your chance to clean up, get organized, start using less paper, and make an impact on CSU’s final standing in RecycleMania!