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Environment / Sustainability

Organic edibles at produce stand

August 28, 2013

The Student Sustainable Farm produce stand from the student-run organic garden, is an outgrowth of the organization's focus on creating ways to build and maintain agricultural systems that are sustainable as well as beneficial to the community.

The Student Sustainable Farm sells just-harvested vegetables at their produce stand.Fridays through Oct. 25
3-6 p.m.
W.D. Holley Plant Environmental Research Center
630 West Lake Street

What could be fresher?

What could be fresher or more tasty than veggies picked the same day they're sold?

The CSU Student Sustainable Farm is 1/3 acre farm full of delicious, organic vegetables, grown and maintained by students.

Weekly produce stand

At our produce stand at 630 West lake Street, you can purchase fresh ingredients for dinner or to incorporate into recipes you freeze or can. Tell your friends and bring your canvas or paper shopping bags.

Seasonal veggies

The type of veggies that are available depends on what's ready to harvest during the week of the sale.

Time and location

  • Fridays, 3-6 p.m.
  • Holley Plant Environmental Research Center (PERC), 630 West Lake Street - sidewalk out front
  • Map showing location

The Student Sustainable Farm is sponsoring this event.

Check the University calendar to verify the stand is open!

Weather and other unforeseen circumstances may make it necessary to cancel a Thursday organic veggie sale.  Please check the University Event Calendar for updates.

Contact: Amy Kousch
Phone: (413) 427-8458