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Environment / Sustainability

Online tool taps into CSU resource usage

May 11, 2009

The Green is Gold Campaign provides an online tool to help decrease the use of resources at CSU and increase the awareness of how green you really are.

Green is Gold

Eight years ago, when natural gas prices began to rapidly rise, the Green is Gold campaign was created. The campus-wide campaign aimed to help cut the university’s costs by conserving energy and water usage. Colorado State is bringing back the campaign with increased participation and raising awareness about sustainability practices.

Tool to conserve

The Green is Gold campaign includes an online tool that taps into each university building’s usage and annual cost. Access to this information will encourage students, faculty, and staff to conserve their resources.

Sustainability in Facilities Management

The Department of Facilities Management is in charge of managing the physical aspects and daily operations of Colorado State. The department is committed to projects that will conserve resources to create a more sustainable campus and community.

Their mission statement reads: “The Facilities Management Department is committed to quality competitive service. Our mission is to anticipate and provide the physical environment, which enables Colorado State University to achieve its objectives in instruction, research, and public service.”

Resources used

The online tool includes a drop-down list of university buildings and displays the annual utility costs for each building, the electricity use, water use, natural gas use, and steam use.

Example, Lory Student Center:

  • Total cost of all utilities: $661,382.56
  • Electricity use: 5,344,720 kWh/year
  • Water use: 8,405 kgal/year
  • Natural gas use: 1,416 Dth/year
  • Steam use: 16,794 klbs/year

Note the disclaimer at the bottom stating that some buildings display a zero usage. The zero doesn't mean the building does not use any of the resource(s), but the usage simply may not be measured at the particular facility.

See how much resources your building is using each year

For more information on the Green is Gold campaign, call (970) 491-0099.

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