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Facilities / Parking

Construction impacts parking

March 4, 2011

New construction of the Engineering II building will impact parking in several lots in the area beginning this week.

Exisiting Parking DesignationThe Engineering II building will be constructed at the current location of lot 155, which is directly north of Green Hall. Parking will be impacted starting May 16 when the lot will be closed, impacting 94 Q resident hall spaces and 24 employee spaces.

Utility work for the new Engineering II building will immediately change availability in parking in lots 155, 160 and 165 near Green Hall.  There will be permanent and temporary parking space losses in those lots as the work progresses through the Spring semester.

Parking space designations will change

Due to these losses, Parking Services will change the designation of some permit spaces in lots 160 and 165. During Spring Break, lot 160 will be converted to a Q lot only.  Lot 165 will be converted to Q, A and Police parking only.  The commuter Z spaces in this lot will be removed. The spaces in lot 155 will not change or be impacted until the end of the semester, when the lot will be closed and become the site of the Engineering II building.

Proposed Changes to Parking DesignationsThese changes will have the biggest impact on the Z parking in this area of campus. However, due to safety concerns while building Engineering II, Z parking was eliminated to reduce traffic. Parking Services has studied the area and Z permit holders can be accommodated in Moby lot 195.

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