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Geothermal system test near Moby this week

November 14

Thursday, Nov. 15, and Friday, Nov. 16, workers will be drilling a test well to see if geothermal heat can be used to heat campus buildings.

The exploration will help the university plan for long-range alternative heating and hot water for campus. The work will take place just west of the softball field, south of the Academic Training Center. Drilling will take place during the day to minimize disturbance to nearby residence halls and athletic activities.

Circulating water

The geothermal system circulates water into a series of vertical wells in the ground, where it serves as a heat sink for specially designed heat pumps. In the summer months, when buildings need to be cooled, heat is extracted from buildings and put into the earth. In the winter months, that heat is taken out of the ground and used to heat buildings. The process is designed to be self-balancing.  The water loop and wells are all self-contained and separated from the ground and ground water; only heat energy is passed back and forth. These types of systems currently serve office buildings and schools throughout the nation very successfully and with no negative environmental impact, according to Facilities Management.     

This project will focus on the feasibility of using a geothermal system in Moby Gym and the Fum Mcgraw Center.

Contact: Dell Rae Moellenberg
Phone: (970) 491-6009