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Ask Cam

A time to plant and a time to reap

August 5, 2010


Cam, what's the story on the corn growing on University Avenue west of Morgan Library? What kind is it? Can we pick it and microwave it for lunch?

Cam’s answer:

I’ve had several messages from people wondering about the corn on campus. Another Ask Cam reader was curious to know whether corn is part of my diet, and I can only say: Yes! Although I haven’t tried the corn from the patch you’re talking about… yet…

I hoofed over to talk with Fred Haberecht, landscape architect at Facilities Management, and he told me that, indeed, the public has shown interest in the corn.

“The corn planting on campus is food for thought,” he says. “Given the interest shown through these questions and based on my personal observations of the campus community taking a close look at the corn, the planting has been well received.

“The Outdoor Services Group of Facilities has been planting ‘bold agronomic crop plantings’ for the past five years,” Fred adds. “Some years we’ve planted giant sunflowers, other years corn. The corn is edible, and is not treated with systemic pesticides that would preclude consumption.”

I also found out, thanks to CSU horticulturist Laura Ford, that the variety of corn is called Ruby Queen Hybrid. What a great name, yes?

Fred tells me the planting is intended to be fun and interesting, and from the questions I’ve been fielding, those goals have been well met.

Oh, and to answer the question about microwaving: I prefer mine raw, thanks. You two-legged creatures can microwave your popping corn, but you won’t find such corn on the stalks near the library.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I seem to have worked up an appetite for lunch.

See you amongst the tassels!

Cam the Ram