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Working at CSU

Manage conflict, create a respectful workplace

October 15, 2010

Learn new strategies and tools, and leave class refreshed and energized to improve communication with the people in your workplace and beyond. Training & Organizational Development presents free classes to improve communication.

Managing Conflict in the Workplace
Presented by Lorie A. Smith
Thursday, Oct. 28, 8 a.m.–noon

Conflict in the workplace interferes with productivity and creates stress. Join us to learn how to manage conflict more effectively. Lorie will share strategies for identifying the source of conflict, tactics for one-on-one conflict resolution, and approaches for facilitating conflict resolution between others in your work group.

The Respectful Workplace
Presented by Lorie A. Smith
Tuesday, Nov. 16, 8 a.m.–noon

Most of us don't get to choose our co-workers. We find ourselves surrounded by people whose personal history, personality, and work style are very different from our own. Co-workers may have varied lifestyles, be from different generations, and have different expectations of etiquette. Sometimes those differences make for some pretty uncomfortable misunderstandings. How do we find a way to work together and be respectful of each other when we're all so different?

In "The Respectful Workplace" you will learn not only the legal requirements for non-discrimination but also some very practical ideas for demonstrating and requesting respectful interactions. You will learn the legal requirements for non-discrimination as well as the expectations the University has for respectful workplace behavior. This course addresses diversity issues and explores ways of ensuring that CSU is an inclusive and effective working environment.

Artful Dialogue: Creative Communication at Home and Work
Presented by Dr. Russell Sanders
Tuesday, Dec. 7, 8 a.m.–noon

This training addresses the difficult times in relationships when we feel like we are a deer caught in the headlights -- feeling frozen and not knowing what to do in the midst of an unproductive conversation. Knowing how to spot these unproductive moments and having options enables us to move in more constructive directions in the conversation.

Participants will explore the meaning of artful dialogue and how to use some of the principles from the martial arts of judo and aikido in using artful dialogue in creative communication. More

Classes are held in the Training and Organizational Development Classroom, Room 129, Johnson Hall, just off the southeast curve of the oval. Register

Training and Organizational Development offers free training designed to explore and improve communication, leadership, supervisory skills, and personal effectiveness. Most workshops are free of charge, and pre-registration is required. They are open to CSU faculty and staff. The complete class listing is online:

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