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Student reflects before graduation

December 18, 2009
By Rommel McClaney

Graduating double major Heather Goodrich looks back at her time at Colorado State University with "no regrets," and eagerly anticipates what is to come after the Fall 2009 commencement ceremonies.

CSU was a good choice

Attending CSU was an obvious choice for Heather Goodrich, who grew up in Loveland, Colo. Becoming a CSU Ram just "made sense."

Before coming to CSU, Goodrich attended Front Range Community College for one year. The idea of transferring to a new school like CSU was intimidating, but she's glad she did it.

"Being unsure or intimidated is natural, but don’t let that hold you back," Goodrich said.

Graduation day

Three and a half years later, Heather is preparing to take the next step into the "real world" as Fall Commencement approaches.

Goodrich will receive two degrees — a degree in English with a concentration in creative writing for fiction, and a degree in journalism and technical communication with a concentration in specialized and technical communication.

Her extra-curricular accomplishments at CSU include:

A few of her favorite things . . . at CSU

When asked about some of her favorite classes at CSU, Goodrich said she didn't have just one favorite, but quite a few.

The classes she enjoyed most were her creative writing for fiction classes, beat generation writing, philosopy of traditional Judaism, writing for specialized magazines, goddess religions and her English capstone, "where we studied Suzan-Lori Parks and August Wilson," Goodrich said.

Goodrich said that since her time here at CSU, she has had no regrets, although, she would have liked to have seen Jane Goodall speak and would rather not have bought her statistics book.

As for some of her favorite CSU events, Goodrich said she enjoyed the spring 2007 concert where Common performed on the Lory Student Center west lawn, the CSU volleyball and basketball games, and the annual Native American Pow Wow.

"I also enjoyed the theater department’s summer production of 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream.' I laughed throughout the entire show. I even had tears in my eyes from laughing so much," Goodrich said.

'I decided to care about my education'

What Goodrich couldn't stress enough, is the decision she made to care about her education. She said that even though it was a "simple choice," she has received more knowledge and life lessons by doing it.

"For me, caring means being present every day for class, putting in the time for homework, selecting courses I want to be in versus checking a box to fulfill a requirement and always showing respect for my professors." She said.

By making that decision to care, she can now look back at her undergraduate years at CSU without any regrets, and according to Goodrich, that is a wonderful thing.

After graduation, Goodrich will be working at the Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation as the assistant editor of F.S. Life, until May 2010. In the fall, she will attend graduate school to obtain her Master of Fine Arts in English for fiction writing. She is unsure of where she will go, as she is still in the application process.

Staying involved with CSU

Goodrich said she will always stay involved with the CSU community because it is a place she will always call home, no matter where she goes in life. She encourages all students be a part of the CSU community. 

To stay connected with CSU, Heather recommends to:

  • Let your voice be heard in class and around campus
  • Respect yourself and others around you
  • Visit places (like the observatory, one of her favorites)
  • Use a planner
  • Don’t let your insecurities get you down — ever
  • Go to MFA readings
  • Take your ear buds out and put your phone away every once in awhile or you will miss who and what is around you
  • Have a lot of fun