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ELC summer camp: Follow your food

July 20, 2011

A limited number of spaces are still available in the Environmental Learning Center's last offering in their lineup of youth camps for the summer of 2011: 'Follow Your Food: From Soil to Stomach.' Register now!

9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Environmental learning Center
Drake site

New theme for summer camp

Follow your Food: Soil to Stomach
is a new summer camp offering from the Environmental Learning Center

"The idea for the camp really sprung from our interest in incorporating our garden into more of our programs," Nicole Timmons Stafford, program director, says. 

"As a summer staff we sat down to brainstorm camp themes and we started to discuss the tendency of the average American to be disconnected from their food.

"Most of our children in Fort Collins don't live on farms or know any farmers or ranchers, so they probably can't really think beyond the grocery story in terms of where their food comes from.

"Then we got to thinking about how interesting human anatomy is and how it would be interesting to talk about food from its beginning to end."

Learn about food sources

  • Where exactly did that loaf of bread come from?
  • And how did that carrot come to be at my kitchen table?
  • What exactly happens to my strawberry after I eat it?

We'll follow our food through its life cycle while learning about local food production, the anatomy of the human digestive system, nutrition, and more. We'll even visit a local farm!  Follow your Food: Soil to Stomach, is for campers 10-years-of-age and up.

Contact: Alysse Brice
Phone: (970) 491-1661