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Working at CSU

CSUEAB recognizes police department

May 25, 2011

The Colorado State University Police Department's proactive approach to law enforcement, their involvement in community-building liaisons, creation of electronic floor plans for first responders, and the identification of new cycling safety strategies by its Bike Education and Enforcement Program, earned it recognition as an outstanding unit at CSU.

On May 11, 2011, the Colorado State University Employee Appreciation Board recognized the CSU Police Department as an outstanding unit at Colorado State.  As a small token of the CSUEAB’s appreciation, a ceremony was held and a variety of gift items were presented to each employee in the police department.

Praised for proactive police work

At the awards ceremony, Chief Wendy Rich-Goldschmidt praised everyone for taking the initiative in their efforts to keep the campus safe. 

"As a result of Colorado State University Police Department’s proactive strategies this past year, the CSU Employee Recognition Board (also known as the Activities Board) would like to recognize all members of the CSU Police Department," Rich-Goldschmidt said.

"This past year, CSU PD has worked diligently in support of the educational mission. With an eye on enhancing community initiatives and the goal of augmenting health and safety, department members actively and effectively aimed their efforts at both town and gown!"

Liaisons that strengthen community

"Through a unique partnership with Fort Collins Police, CSU officers worked in concert with Fort Collins officers to patrol the Old Town area located near campus. This partnership was positively received by many of our stakeholders and likely impacted faculty, staff and most importantly, students.

"On-campus efforts included a new twist on community policing called the Officer Liaison Program. Components of the new Officer Liaison Program focused on pairing officers with specific academic buildings which increased community collaboration and communication."

Help for first responders

"In keeping with a police department which remains ever-mindful of the 'what if' disaster scenarios, CSUPD engaged in some special projects this year. Staff took advantage of the slower pace of our break times to develop electronic floor plans for various CSU facilities. These plans will ultimately aid first responders in emergency situations."

Cycling safety innovations

"Finally, CSU PD’s Traffic Education and Enforcement Program and Bicycle Education and Enforcement Program staff spearheaded our cycling and safety strategies that were ultimately responsible for earning CSU the coveted “Silver” designation by the League of American Bicyclists. Wow!

"While this is just a cursory summary of CSU PD’s many accomplishments and contributions to the safety of our community, it is with pride that we share it with you today. Of course it is most important to note that none of these accomplishments would be possible without the hard work, dedication and commitment of each and every CSUPD employee.

"Working in tandem, as a team, this group has successfully achieved some important goals that ultimately impact the entire community. Good work everyone!

"Thank you CSU PD for all the great work you do!"

Contact: Sara Boots-Whitfield
Phone: (970) 491-7693