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Awards / Honors

Everyday Hero Barbara Schrekinger

March 20, 2009

Barbara Schrekinger
Administrative Assistant II
Department of Psychology

Schrekinger was nominated by David McCabe, assistant professor in the Department of Psychology. Barbara has been employed by CSU in her present position for the last five years.

Here is what McCabe had to say about Schrekinger:

"Barb is an exemplary employee, who went well beyond her typical job duties during this past year. Specifically, when another member of our staff was out of maternity leave, Barb picked up the slack, and stayed late or came in early consistently. This also came at a time when the Psychology main office was being moved from the B-wing of the Clark building to the C-wing. Thus, in addition to her typical job duties, she was taking on the job duties of another employee, and doing it at one of the busiest times imaginable. That's why Barb deserves this award. She went above and beyond the call of duty required by her job in order to make sure the Psychology department ran smoothly. As a faculty member, this not only made my job easier, but allowed the department in general to run efficiently despite our being short of staff."

Difficult year in Psychology department

This past year was particularly difficult for the Psychology department when they lost two of their graduate students to lightening.  Schrekinger said the whole department deserves the Everyday Hero award for getting through all of last year.

She said her plans for the future include “staying here, working with a great group and good team.” Schrekinger calls them a “well-oiled machine.”

Schrekinger is retired from the airlines and looks forward to traveling a great deal in the future due to her discount. She has traveled to New Zealand twice and the Netherlands once and still would like to revisit them both.

When asked how she felt about being nominated for Everyday Hero she said, “Ah, shucks, golly.” Barbara is a little shy and quiet, but loves her work.

Contact: Sara Boots-Whitfield
Phone: (970) 491-7693