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2011 Arne Magnus lecture April 5

April 1, 2011

Can math be used in the complex process of drug discovery? As a matter of fact, a mathematical model has been used to modify a common cancer drug and reduce its unwanted side effects. Learn more at the annual Arne Magnus lecture, free and open to the public, at Colorado State on Tuesday, April 5.

Ridgway Scott, Ph.D., will discuss how mathematics can be used to modify drugs to reduce unwanted side effects.
Tuesday, April 5
4-5 p.m.
Computer Science Building
Room 130

You're invited to the Arne Magnus Computer Science and Mathematics public lecture with Ridgway Scott, Ph.D., Louis Block Professor, University of Chicago. The lecture is free and open to the public.

Mathematics in drug discovery

We show how mathematics can help in the complex process of drug discovery. We give an example of modification of a common cancer drug that reduces unwanted side effects.

The mathematical model used to do this relates to the hydrophobic effect, something not yet fully understood.

The hydrophobic effect modulates the dielectric behavior of water, and this has dramatic effects on how we process drugs. Future mathematical advances in this area hold the process of making drug discovery more rational, and thus more rapid and predictable, and less costly.

Reception follows lecture

Please join Scott and the Department of Mathematics for a reception following his lecture in Room 130 in the Computer Science building.

About the Arne Magnus lecture

The Arne Magnus Lectures are given annually in the Department of Mathematics at Colorado State University in honor of Arne Magnus, Ph.D., our friend and colleague for 25 years. The 2011 lectures are supported by the Arne Magnus Lecture Fund and the Albert C. Yates Endowment in Mathematics. All lectures are free and open to the public.

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