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Ask Cam

Who helps Cam the Ram?

March 9, 2011


Hey Cammie, I'm seeing a lot about Temple Grandin: movies, books, and TV. She is awesome! Does she work with your "handlers" to make sure you are well taken care of? Love you!

Cam’s answer:

Hey, love you too! Or at least as much as a fuzzy mascot can love a human – which is quite a lot, actually.

To answer your question (before I get too distracted with all this lovey): The amazing and dedicated Ram Handlers are the folks who take care of my wooly hide and make sure I’m looking good for football games and other public appearances. Makes me feel like some kind of king of the barn!

And as much as I’d love it, Temple Grandin doesn’t advise Ram Handlers. That’s the job of Kraig Peel, assistant professor in the Department of Animal Sciences.

“I’m faculty advisor for the CAM the Ram program, which actually is managed through the Alumni Association,” I overheard Kraig saying the other day. (I have big ears!) “I’ve served in this capacity for the past five years, and I’m responsible for the health and care of the ram and provide leadership/mentorship to the Ram Handlers.  

“The number one rule for new handlers is: Never let go no matter what happens! We have had handlers fall while running on the field, and just this year had the ram get loose from a couple of ladies. He is very gentle and was easy to catch, but one young lady was definitely embarrassed!”

What Kraig didn’t say was how much fun it was for me!

Here, there, everywhere

In my Rambouillet form, CAM the Ram and my Ram Handlers can be found on the sidelines at every home football game. The group also makes public appearances locally and regionally. Each year, eight to 10 Ram Handlers are selected and entrusted with the care of yours truly.

When I’m not on the road for yet another all-star appearance, you can find me grazing comfortably at the Agricultural Research, Development and Education Center.

Here’s to the ramblin' life!

Cam the Ram