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Japanese students win at 2011 Colorado Japan Cup

May 16, 2011

Seventeen second year Japan students competed in the Japan Cup April 16 winning several first and second place awards.

Competition challenges Japanese proficiencyStudents celebrate after winning first and second place awards at the 2011 Japan Cup.

The 2011 Japan Cup was held April 16 at the University of Denver. The Japan Cup is an annual state wide language proficiency competition that tests students in categories such as proverbs, grammar, idiomatic expressions, translation as well as competence in the culture, history, and current issues of Japan.

Seventeen CSU second year students divided into six teams competed in this year’s Japan Cup. This accounts for more than half of the students who are enrolled in the LJPN201 class.

Impressive results

The impressive results were brought from the students’ diligent study, their senior students’ dedicated coaching, and the help of senior volunteer teachers and Japanese exchange students. They started study session training in January and met twice a week outside of class for three or more hours. The students were under a lot of pressure to keep the CSU Japanese program tradition of excellence as their senior students had won first and second place at the same competition last year. Their strenuous effort has paid off as teams from CSU took first and second place again at the college level.

  • First place: Daniel Alvarez (team captain), Alison Barclay, Lauren Slattery
  • Second place: Sarah Romer (team captain), Hannah Atkins, Jason Leblanc
  • Other participants: Andy Arrance, Erik Davis, Nicole Larson, Kelly Matteson, Jennifer Mehlberg, Caitlin Nase, Ryan Oba, Elizabeth Preston, David Rayome, Brian Smart, Landon Yoshimoto
  • Supporters: Yuko Chiba, Mr. and Mrs. Yoshio Yoshie (senior volunteer instructors), Lindsey Butler, Danielle Egeler, Veronica Kinn, Andrew Lape, Ethan Luke, Ashlie Tagawa, Daniel Way (senior students of Japanese language), Yohei Takano (JSA President)
  • Instructors: Saori Seta (LJPN201), Yukari Ura and Mako Beecken

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