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Ask Cam

Take me out to the ball game

April 4, 2011


Cammie, it’s baseball season! You must be a Rockies fan, yes?

Cam’s answer:

D'oh! Of course! In fact, if I could, I’d traipse around all over the baseball diamond with Dinger, the Rockies’ infamous purple triceratops mascot – but I can’t.

Rest assured, though, I’ll be at as many games as I can this season, disguised in a Rockies duckbill hat and jersey. Kind of hard to pull the hat down over my mighty horns, but I do what I can.

Trivia time

Do you know the origin of Dinger's name? It’s baseball-speak for home run. According to my next-door neighbor, who knows just about everything on Colorado sports teams (and especially CSU sports), “dinger” resembles the sound an aluminum bat makes when a ball is nailed in the sweet spot.

Back to the future

In the meantime – and I think this is so cool – check out the Aggie softball players from around 1923. I couldn’t fit the whole photo in, but the team is pictured in front of the venerable Old Main and the original train depot, both of which are gone now.

Go Rams!

April means it’s time for the CSU Rams softball team to start hosting some conference games. In fact, a lot of softball will be happening on campus, so freshen up those peanuts and Cracker Jacks.

Play ball!

Cam the Ram